Safer Births & Pre/Postnatal Care

A holistic approach and 12-month programme from pre-natal care, a safer birth to the first-year of life (postnatal care) of a child their moth. The moment a mother visits us to inform Physicians Across Continents of her pregnancy, she is given a birthing book, a number of pre-natal clinic appointments, scans, vitamin/nutritional supplements, birthing of the child, birthing gift, vaccination for the baby, post-natal care and psychological support (wellbeing of mother and child).

The safer births programme would help a mother deliver her baby in a maternity hospital, under the support of a medical staff.


  • A pregnant woman or new-borns dies somewhere in the world every 11 seconds (according to the UN 2019)
  • Estimated 2.8 million pregnant women and new-born’s die every year
  • 45% of deaths among children under five occur during first four weeks of life (World Health Organisation)
  • Prematurity, birth-related complications and neonatal sepsis were the leading causes of deaths among new-borns babies in 2015 (World Health Organisation)
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