PAC are on the ground in Cox-Bazar, Bangladesh, bringing medical relief to the Rohingya refugees. Among the refugees are large numbers of women, children and the elderly.


We are currently treating refugees for malnutrition, dehydration, infections as well as providing surgical care in plastic surgery for those who have suffered injury, obstetric and gynaecological care for pregnant women, as well as women and young girls who were the victims of rape, ophthalmology and orthopaedic surgery.


The work that needs to be carried out is inordinate as the influx of refugees is not slowing down and the number of refugees in Cox-Bazar is already nearly 1 million.

PAC is treating on average, 100 patients a day and distributing £500 worth of medication daily. However, this is not enough. Currently, patient care is being carried out in make-shift huts, we have set up brick centre a GP service clinic as well as for delivering surgeries for minor injuries, births and general check-ups.


We are in desperate need of a way to transport patients as walking to clinics or some kind of paid mode of transportation is often not possible.


With your support we can help thousands more on a daily basis, please make a donation now and together we can make the difference.

Support our delegations which go out periodically to deliver surgical operations for the refugees. Whether you’re a medical professional looking to support us in the field or want to contribute towards us delivering future delegations you’re time and donations go a long way towards improving health outcomes in the camps.