Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

What are the rewards of volunteering

Not only does the time you dedicate to Physicians Across Continents help us with our work, but it also brings some great personal rewards and inspiration for each and every volunteer, including:

  • Motivation:

    The cause or challenge you take part in, will be your passion and at Physicians Across Continents we love to use take that energy to push you to new heights

  • Challenge:

    This can bring the best out in people and helps you to think around the problem, as you tackle your volunteering role, it gives you life skills like being resilient

  • Friendships:

    It is not all the serious stuff, we have fun while doing what we do and build long-lasting friendships, brother and sisterhood simultaneously changing the lives of most vulnerable people on earth

  • Personal satisfaction:

    Serving others is a great form of humanity and something important, it gives us humility by helping to save and transform people's circumstances

  • Development:

    Working with experienced Physicians Across Continents staff, gives you an insight to the world of work, careers and gives you key personal and professional skills to tackle your next step in your career and life

  • Recognition:

    recognition for all of your hard work comes by your intentions, the duas of the destitute and giving in charity is a form protection from calamities