Palestine Appeal

The right to health is human right and one that cannot be achieved without access to adequate healthcare. Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon struggle to achieve this right.

Almost 30% of the population across the Palestinian Territories live below the national poverty line and the figure is 60% in Gaza. Amongst a population of around 4.6 million people, hundreds of thousands of families are struggling with economic hardship, blockades and political instability. The psychological hardship living under extreme circumstance, means Palestinians are in need of psychological support.

Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and the refugee camps in Lebanon have a high level of mortality, women and children remain the most vulnerable group during the ongoing occupation and conflict. Providing robust access to healthcare provisions improves maternal, neonatal and child care.

Our area of work

  • Surgeries and Medical Equipment
  • Women and Childrens Health
  • Training (more)
  • Mental Health Support (more)
  • Water Programmes


  • The conflict in Palestine has been going on since 1948
  • Over 90% of water in Gaza is unfit for consumption
  • 50% of all essential medicines in Gaza are at zero stock
  • 450,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live in 12 camps and informal gatherings
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