Paediatric Heart Surgery – Uganda

Uganda has only one specialist cardiology unit within the national hospital, located in Kampala.
Uganda is also a host country for over 300,000 refugees from South Sudan, many of whom are living in temporary accommodation in Northern Uganda.
These represent some of the most vulnerable people, without access to anything more than basic health care and without the resources to travel to Kampala.

How PAC aims to help


PAC aims to conduct simple and complex heart surgeries for children in Uganda – covering both the national population as well as refugee populations.


PAC also aims to strengthen the capacity of the cardiac surgery and ease the pressure on the UHI by strengthening the cardiac facilities in other referral hospitals.


Provision of training to healthcare workers at the district level to spot the clinical signs indicating heart problems. Early detection improves health outcomes.

How you can help

Contribute to life-saving surgeries and training

Become a fundraiser! Go one step further to support our children

Volunteer as a medical professional in the field

Provide an In-Kind donation
towards equipment*

*Subject to need