Mauritania – 1st Kidney Transplants

5 patients have been selected and sent for preliminary testing in Tunisia and Morocco.

The operations will take place 11th – 16th March 2019, headed by PAC Head Renal Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Ahmed Chaballout.

Currently, transplant patients are being sent to France, Germany or Belgium at great expense of the patient and Mauritanian government.

This will be a great first step towards more sustainable and accessible healthcare in the region. Part of the long-term goal of PAC to build domestic capacity and improve healthcare infrastructure, with the vision of having a specialist kidney transplant centre in Mauritania.

Be part of history and

Renal Replacements in Rwanda

The growing rate of mortality and morbidity from non communicable diseases are threatening the gains made in life expectancy and other developmental health indicators.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and other causes of renal failure were amongst the top 10 causes of death in health centers and district/provincial hospitals according to the Rwandan Ministry of Health (MoH) 2014.

WHO statistics for Rwanda indicate that 2% of deaths were caused by diabetes and the average adult has 34.4% chance of high blood pressure, which are the main risk factors for kidney disease and renal failure.

Rwanda lacks specialist surgical skills in performing kidney transplants; and has only one specialist renal pathologist.

How PAC aims to help


PAC typically aims to provide 4 surgical interventions for patients over the course of a year (7 days per intervention/ 28 days in total).

Equipment & Support

PAC to provide reasonable equipment and refurbishing of medical equipment necessary for the programme as well as on-going distance support to trainees.


PAC will deliver training for local doctors and trainee specialists in renal transplant (3 day intensive per intervention/ 12 days per year).

How you can help

Contribute to life-saving surgeries and training

Go one step further to support our patients.

Volunteer as a medical professional in the field

Provide an In-Kind donation
towards equipment*

* Subject to need