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How we spend your money

As a Physicians Across Continents donor, you fuel the delivery of medical aid and all our services to the people who need it most, no matter where they are, who they are, their religion or whether they have hit the headlines.

Your money pays for hundreds of thousands of consultations, operations, treatments and preventative programmes every year. Here at Physicians Across Continents, your hard-earned money is our trust and we work to spend your money in the most efficient way and to help those in greatest need and were we can, the highest impact.

At Physicians Across Continents we deliver care directly rather than through local partner organisations. We set up and run medical services, train staff and respond to fast-moving emergencies and we are embedded within the communities we serve. This means the money you have entrust to Physicians Across Continents is spent by Physicians Across Continents to where you want it to be spent.

We do not take from one pool of money and spend it on another project, no matter how urgent it may seem. Unless you give us permission through your donations and you have specified to us to spend your donations where it is most needed or our general fund.

There are essential costs for any organisation and a small percentage of the money we raise – just TBC – is used for office running costs in the UK.

Each aspect of the way we operate from our office is designed to keep these essential costs low. We rent inexpensive office space, we buy only the lowest fares for travel and stay in budget hotels when travelling abroad.

Our network 1,500 Doctors, surgeons and medical professionals volunteer their time on missions abroad. Did you know the highest cost of any medical intervention is the human resource cost .

Physicians Across Continent keeps our due diligence procedures under careful review to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and UK Charity Commission guidelines. This includes ensuring proper due diligence checks are conducted when choosing appropriate projects to conduct – appraising personnel, systems, record-keeping, internal controls, reporting, inventory management, assets and procurement processes.

After each campaign Physicians Across Continents conduct an appraisal of how the money was spent and we scrutinise if it was spent an effective and efficient manner. Implementing robust management structures to ensure the right checks and balances are in place at every stage

Physicians Across Continents DO NOT have a 100% donation policy

Running a charity means offices, electricity, business rates, staff costs, printing, infrastructure costs to run, the costing of running any charity allows us to do what we do best and get your donations to where you want it. If you look at your own household, there are costs associated with maintenance, rent, council tax, food, utility bills to keeps things running smoothly. A charity is no different and has some similar and familiar costs

Some charities report that they have a “100% donation policy” because they want to say that no percentage of individual donations are spent on admin. This is admirable aspirations; however, this does not mean they are not spending money on admin, rather they have funded those admin cost in a different or by another calculations.

Charities may state that their admin costs are covered by gift aid, corporate donations, grants from institutional donors or through their profit-making work and then go onto state that any donation made by an individual goes directly to the work overseas.

However, the fact remains that all charities have to spend money on admin costs. If the admin costs are not being covered by individuals, they are being covered by another source of income. Have a look at our accounts to see how we spend your money

Physicians Across Continents must submit its independently audited accounts annually to the Charity Commission, who register and regulate charities in England and Wales to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.

We have stringent financial and governance processes that ensure donors’ money is spent with transparency, accountability and in line with donors’ wishes. As well as being subject to an annual external audit we also have an internal audit function which ensures that controls on expenditure are in place and procedures are followed. Our Board of Trustees have oversight of our accounts.

The majority of staff at Physicians Across Continents work on a full-time basis to ensure that donor’s money is spent in the most effective and impactful way. They are professionals who bring specialist skills and knowledge in order for us to deliver our work to high standards. At Physicians Across Continents we aim to hire the best people for the job, in that way we ensure we do not to spend on more people than is needed. We call these effective and impactful hires.

Staff would not be able to do this voluntarily on a full-time basis without a salary as they themselves need to support themselves and their families. Our Full-time staff add to the UK economy and we create jobs for ours the local communities that we work in. Physicians Across Continents overseas staff are local residents who come from the communities they serve, ensuring that the salaries they receive go back into the local community and economy. However, the backbone to Physicians Across Continents is our volunteers. They are the true hero’s, our Doctors and medical professionals volunteer their time.

Physicians Across continents have a competitive salary structure and support the living wage. We do not underpay our staff, just because we operate in the charity sector. However, Physicians Across Continents remuneration is low comparatively to other sectors. Our senior management team salary structure reflects the need to hire professionals with the right skills to do the job and ensure your donation is spent well.

Gift Aid money is spent on admin costs and to raising more money. Without it more of donors’ money would have to be spent on fundraising & admin leaving less for projects.

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