Emergency Disaster response

Helping replenish our Emergency Reserve. Which helps our first responders be on the ground as soon as possible following a disaster.

We are truly a global team of volunteer medical professionals and so we’re strategic about using local and appropriate expertise for any given projects to be effective in the field.

Global emergencies are occurring more often than not with more than 90% of natural disaster related deaths occur in developing countries.

Disaster occur in many forms, whether they are natural or man-made, climate change has disproportionately impacted those already struggling. A bomb could go off, a mud slide occurs, a Tsunami be in motion, violent storms, extreme weather, conflicts and war. Families lives can be turned upside down in an instant, at Physicians Across Continents our Emergency Disaster Response aims to deal with the healthcare needs of those calamities. With a global team of medical professional, we can send teams to these disasters.

Our disaster management fund allows preventative measures to be in place, so when disaster strike, communities can be best prepared to minimise the devastation caused

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