Our next trip is scheduled  for Summer 2019!

In November 2018 we arranged for the first 135 children to receive this treatment.
Follow us on Social Media for updates on the project and make sure to continue donating as we have more children waiting for treatment that we want to operate on in a second visit later in Summer 2019.

Smiles for Life – Cleft Lip Operations in Sudan 

Cleft lip and cleft palates are physical deformation which occur at the early stages of pregnancy and results in incomplete fusion of the skull. As a result, the child is born with a facial disfigurement which can cause problems eating, breathing and speaking as well as physiological effects such as diminished confidence in terms of appearance and participation.
We have 300 children waiting in Sudan for a Cleft Lip/Palate Operation which will not only restore their smile but treat the health risks associated with the condition of not being able to breathe, eat or speak properly.
Donate towards their operations and give the gift of a lifetime smiling.

Note. Smiles For Life, like all our projects, is also supported by our Regular Giving Fund please consider contributing!

How PAC aims to help

Drawing on its large volunteer network of medical personnel, PAC is aiming to facilitate the surgical treatment of cleft palate and cleft lip procedures in Sudan.

Working in the cities of Khartoum and Madani, PAC will create awareness of the programme through announcements on local media and radio stations to ensure that those affected are able to hear of the programme and to encourage them to attend.

Through other work across the country, PAC is aware of a number of poor families that require cleft lip or cleft palate surgery. PAC is aiming to conduct 300 cleft palate/lip operations in this intervention.

How you can help

Contribute to life-saving surgeries and training

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Volunteer as a medical professional in the field

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