Cambodia Surgical Mission

PAC is undertaking a medical mission to Cambodia. Based in the province of Pursat, this mission will provide specialists from multiple medical disciplines; including paediatrics, orthopaedics and gynaecology.   The mission has two objectives – the provision of free medical services, with surgery where suitable for those in need; and to deliver training to local medical personnel to increase their skills. A team of 20 surgeons, doctors and anaesthetists will take part in this mission.


The Cambodia mission is part of PAC’s drive to provide healthcare for those in need across the world. Whilst there have been significant improvements in healthcare in Cambodia over the last 30 years, Government funded rural communities struggle to attract and keep the personnel required to deliver healthcare. This mission has been designed to compliment and supplement local healthcare strategies. With your generous support, we can continue to deliver high quality medical care across the globe. Please donate generously to help us save lives.

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