Why Give Regularly?

Regular giving helps charities to plan better. As a lot of our work depends fully or partially on public donations, knowing that we have a steady income from dedicated supporters like you means that our projects can get off the ground faster and better.


Our Saving Lives Fund is unrestricted, meaning we have the flexibility to boost different campaigns and projects as and when the need arises and we’re not dependant on public support for a particular cause.


Give Regularly and get the reward of every patient reached and life saved. Together we’re #SavingLives

You can Save Lives every month and spend less than:

A morning coffee

A trip to the cinema

A new outfit

Your donation offers a helping hand to our organisation that will go on to heal sick and injured people around the world.

Like a pacemaker helps the heart
beat in a regular rhythm

your monthly donation helps plan
regular delegations throughout the year.

Sustainable training programmes are an essential part of our work in continuing life-saving work long after our projects end.