Physicians Across Continents presents the Raise 4 Rohingya – School Project

Our project will teach your kids key fundamental skills needed to survive in this world. One of the project will require the class to demonstrate hard work, determination and the ability to work together as a team. Using these 3 key skills will give them an opportunity to beat the rest of the classes to win some fantastic prizes such as, stationery kits, badges, t-shirts and the PAC Life Saver Shield. This will no doubt bring out the competitive nature of your students and show them with great motivation and enthusiasm there is no stopping them achieve their goal.

Our project will also encourage students to be creative with their fundraising activities such as a bake sale, or a charity run. This exercise will teach your students the power a single individual can have if they are determined to succeed. They will also acquire some business related skills such as what they could do differently to the other kids to raise the most or selling a cake with a profitable donation.

Each student that participates in the Student individual project will receive a Raise 4 Rohingya Kit which will include: Pen, Sponsor Sheet, Collection Box, Information pack with proven fundraising ideas and a Certificate on completion. Being a medical charity gives us access to range of facilities and resources which we would be happy to bring to your school such as a kid friendly first aid class or even a short talk by one of our Doctors. Your students and staff can take pride in being part of the solution to save lives.