Raise 4 Rohingya is a fundraising campaign designed for students to tap into their competitive side and utilise this key skill by fundraising for the Rohingya Refugees which we are currently distributing medical aid and treatment.

The plight of the Rohingya Refugee is very severe with more Refugees are arriving daily in Cox Bazaar Refugee Camp, Bangladesh. 700,487 is the number according to (UN Office CHA).

Being competitive is often an attribute assigned to winners and leaders. We hope to initiate this key skill within every students and what better way to do this, using this skill to help saves lives via fundraising.

To make this campaign an enjoyable experience for the students we offer prizes for the students who raise the most amount of money for the cause. Prizes such as an Apple IPad, PlayStation 4, Drones etc.

Each student that participates will also be given a Raise 4 Rohingya Kit which includes: Pen, Sponsor Sheet, Badge, Collection Box and a Drawstring bag. On completion of their fundraising we will hold a Recognition assembly to announce winners, prizes and a Certificate acknowledging your students fantastic work.
If you would like your school to be part of this cause to help save lives of the Rohingya Refugees please apply below.

Raise 4 Rohingya