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In Partnership with the Spina Bifida Federal Association of Sudan we hosted a workshop at the Soba University Hospital, University of Khartoum on ‘Bladder Management in patients with Spina Bifida‘ with PAC doctor: Dr. Asiri 
The event spanned from the 18th to the 20th of December 2017 at the Soba Education, Training & Examinations Center (SETEC) a state-of-the-art centre established to combine medical education, training, examination and e-learning facility for all medical professionals. The training was then put into place during practical sessions at Khartoum Cheshire Home for Disabled Children.

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Next Steps

PAC and Spina Bifida NGO plan to move to the other states (outside of Khartoum) to do the same mission there. 
Our following recommendations will be raised by the health authorities:

– Spina Bifida cases need a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of Neuro surgery, paediatric surgery and possibly plastic surgery for a better management of each case.  
– Increase the awareness and understanding of the possible complications of the syndrome and the deterioration stages.  
– A public awareness campaign about the importance of taking the medication (folic acid) by all females of child bearing age even before marriage. 

PAC Sudan Report: Spina Bifida in Children

Spina bifida is a failure of the neural tube to close. This could happen at any level of the spinal cord leading to paralysis of the organs below that level (the lower the location the less the effect). 

As a result of this syndrome, the child cannot feel the filling of the urinary bladder or the faecal material. Over filling of the bladder will lead to back pressure of the urine to the kidney and over time lead up to the stage of renal failure and also the digestive system will be affected when the rectum is impacted with faeces.  

Physicians Across Continents (PAC), Soba University Hospital and Spinia Bifida NGO chose to address the lack of knowledge in many hospitals and their medical and nursing staff by selecting the biggest 5 hospitals in Sudan practicing in this specialty to attend the workshop. This intial group can then carry the training forward, to train their co-workers and to instruct the parents & the co-operative children the correct management of the special urethral catheter and the evacuation of the rectum. 

The lectures covered anatomy, pathology and invasive surgical techniques for both nervous and urinary systems.  

The clinical practical sessions are completed with number of patients for each trainee and under the supervision of our instructors. Until our instructors are satisfied with the performance of the trainees will be required to re-do their practical. Those trainees that are successful in meeting the standards for their performance and teaching of co-workers would then receive a certificate having attended the workshop.

– According to the Sudanese Neuro-surgery Association, the incidence of Spina Bifida in Sudan is 2.8% as of 2016.

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