Obstetric Fistula

Fragile health systems mean that help is not readily available.
Travelling for days in cramped conditions whilst in pain and unclean puts many women off from seeking help.


For those who do make it to a hospital, the training and facilities needed to successfully treat this common condition are scarce and they risk further injury.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Just £700 can help to provide a surgeon with the correct training and equipment to perform a fistula repair operation.
Our team of doctors and surgeons can provide humanitarian and medical aid to women across Africa and Asia – giving them a brighter future, free from pain and shame. With physical and psychological rehabilitation, they are able to reintegrate back into society and begin their lives again.
With your generosity, we can change the lives of women across the world.

Your donations can help us train surgeons in obstetric fistula repair.

This horrific and sadly too common condition is easily treatable.
With your support, we can help women like Katuma and Shukri as featured in our Making a Difference Documentary.

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Let’s change their future.