About Us:

Physicians Across Continents (PAC) is an international medical charity which provides high-quality medical care to peoples affected by crises and disasters, regardless of their race, religion and ethnicity.


Our aim is to assist in the provision of: health care, specialist equipment, facilities, and services. We also aim to advance the education of medical professionals and the general public through the provision of refresher training,  educational programmes,  lectures and publications devoted to medical healthcare.



Our History:PAC was established in 2003 by a team of doctors, nurses and medical technicians. Since then, we have grown and established offices in Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Turkey, with current operations in countries including Bangladesh, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda. In 2016, PAC moved its headquarters to the UK.


PAC has established itself as a leading provider of medical aid during humanitarian crises. In addition, PAC recognises that short-term emergency interventions are only a part of a solution to the health care crises that many countries face. We place a strong emphasis is placed on training and equipping local medical staff and hospitals to better support the building of healthcare infrastructure in the countries that PAC works in. By increasing local capacity, PAC ensures that the legacy of its humanitarian work continues to benefit local people.



Our Objectives:


Humanitarian Medical Relief:

To provide medical relief in humanitarian crises through medical care for complex procedures where local specialists may not exist or may not accessible.


Teaching and Training to create and empower local expertise:

Appropriate training for clinical staff and medical students in conjunction with community engagement enables the creation healthcare systems rooted in the communities in which they serve.


Establishment of cadres and specialized medical centres:

We contribute to strengthening health care systems and capacity in the areas in which we work through developing specialist medical centres and personnel. By creating capacity in local healthcare systems, PAC ensures the sustainability of its programmes and facilitates greater local access to specialists in the future.


Treatment and control of epidemics:

Work in collaboration with other agencies to contribute in controlling and treating health epidemics; provide prevention advice and education to affected populations; restrict the spread of infectious diseases epidemics and provide appropriate treatment to those infected.

Obstetric Fistula is affected millions of women across the world. Physicians Across Continents are seeking to reach 1,000 women this year alone. This years campaign seeks to deliver across 5 countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh (Rohingya), Kenya, Somalia, Uganda.

Fleeing violence and surviving a treacherous journey into Bangladesh, the steady influx of refugees are in desperate need of medical support. Our team in Cox-Bazar Bangladesh is giving medication through our clinic on a daily basis and we periodically send delegations of our medical teams for surgical cases. Learn more about our work and how you can contribute.

How We're Saving Lives

Emergency Reserve

Helping replenish our Emergency Reserve.


 Which helps our first responders be on the ground as soon as possible following a disaster.


We are truly a global team of volunteer medical professionals and so we’re strategic about using local and appropriate expertise for any given projects to be effective in the field.




We advance the education of medical professionals and the general public through the provision of refresher training, educational programmes, lectures and publications devoted to medical healthcare.


We want sustainable impact in our work and providing local staff with the expertise to treat local problems is part of ensuring continued benefit to our beneficiaries long after our delivery ends.




Our team of volunteer surgeons cover various specialties so that we can carry out complex surgeries that are otherwise unavailable in the areas that we work due to the high cost or lack of expertise in the area.


Alongside delivering the surgeries we can train local staff so that access to high quality healthcare is still available in-between our visits.




Lack of adequate equipment can often be the health needs of community aren’t being met.

Hospitals serves so many of the local populations that machinery is often operated way past capacity to meet demand. Alternatively, they may not have the equipment at all or have it but received no further training to operate it.

Our work in this area seeks to correct this and ensure that equipment is provided and used as effectively as possible.


Volunteer/Career Opportunities

“Charity work” covers a huge range of professions and even in a medical charity there’s still plenty of opportunity for those not medically trained.


Whether it’s fundraising, event planning, design, video production, development and much more, we want anyone who volunteers with PAC to be able to improve on and learn new skills for their own futures as well as the future of the organisation.


Awareness Campaigns


Public education is a huge part of improving health outcomes at a large scale.


Whether its preventative awareness for NCDs or reducing the risks of a disease outbreak or informing the public of the availability of our free programmes.




Many of the patients we work with travel great distances just to reach our clinics after hearing of the free healthcare they can receive there.


As part of our commitment to ensuring holistic care to our patient we also help fund transport to get the patient the healthcare they need. Whether we’re bringing them to us or visiting them, a lot of our cases affect peoples in remote areas which is often inaccessible.


Food & Hospital Stay

Patient care doesn’t end when the surgeon closes the operation.


Recovery varies patient to patient, surgery to surgery and we want the patient to leave hospital when they’re ready and when it’s safe.


So for any surgery and project we also include this as part of our planning and costs. 




Managing a hospital, patients, donations, volunteers, logistics, contracts, finances means paperwork.


Our administration support staff in the UK and worldwide help us continue to be efficient, transparent and evaluate our work to improve year on year.